PE Skills for Leaders (Pt 2)

Part two of my thoughts on critical PE skills a leader must have to be effective.  Realize that I’m staying at “100,000 feet” here and that each of these can be dissected into great detail.  To be an effective process owner, here are additional skills I believe you need to develop:

Use a systematic approach to attack improvement opportunities:
> Make sure we are solving the right problem
> If the problem was important enough to fix it is important enough to ensure it stays fixed
> Focus on prevention vs. fixing

Execute well:
> Clearly identify a single owner for each process, and task them to measure & improve that process
> Allocate full-time dedicated improvement resources to avoid day job, night job resource drain
> Have a clear method to actively manage the portfolio of improvement projects being run in your organization.

Continually Improve!
> Know how to get to true root cause before taking corrective action.  (Example: use techniques like “The 5 Whys”)
> Use tools to anticipate the likely failure modes before they happen.  Don’t wait for the failures to occur before you put preventative measures in place. Establish contingency plans!
> Look for ways to error-proof your processes to avoid inadvertent mistakes.  Make it easy for your team to do stuff the right way, and hard for them to do it the wrong way.

Coming up next: Mindset


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